3 figurines & accessories
Jeep Willys MB with Machine Gun
Japan Aircraft
Light Army Truck
1 figurines with accessories
Helikopter Storm
Tiger Tank
Ghost Ship
Tecna's Room
Wampire Castle
Light Army Truck
Garbage Truck
Helicopter Base
Arctic Time
Creative Power - 250 Blocks
Boeing 737
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Additional discount up to the end of the championship!

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US Army Half-Track M3 & Sd.Kfz.251

US Army Half-Track M3 & Sd.Kfz.251 Construction Block Models...

Marathon of the Sands – Cobi Poland Team

Marathon des Sables, MDS, Marathon of the Sands – an ultramarathon which takes place on ...

COBI block model of M4 Sherman

COBI presents a constructible model of an iconic American battle tank used by the United...

COBI World War II series

Discover the history with COBI blocks! New models of vehicles from World War II....
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