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Action Town Final Sale

Advanced work is underway on the construction site. A forklift is needed, which will carry the heaviest materials. Helping the workers of Action Town with goods and items that need moving. The forklift has lifted forks in the up-down position and torsional rear wheels for better manoeuvring in...
7.40 €
The Street Sanitation Crew received a second, bigger street sweeper from the city. It has two turning brushes in the front, and a waste container in the back. This item is a great addition to the extended COBI Action Town collection! COBI Blocks are 100% compatible with all the leading brands of...
8.54 €
On the construction site, demolition of an old house is taking place. A rotating crane with movable arm and grasper is loading the rubble on the trailer. A small tractor is taking everything outside the town. On the site there is also a small playground. This item is a great addition to the...
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The second skatepark in the town has been enriched with additional verticle ramps, obstacles and lanes. The time is made more pleasant by the music from speakers and competitive actions are captured on photos. The lamps which are installed (glow in the dark) enable mastering the skills even after...
14.26 €
The local Police Department just received their newest vehicle to fight crime – a Snowmobile! Now they’re not afraid of any storm and they can reach every place even during greatest snowstorm! The scooter made of blocks has small tracks, skis and elements that glow in the dark.  100 blocks,...
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The vet clinic has all the necessary equipment. She can do tests and x-ray sick animals. The lamp with movable arm, above the table, has blocks that glow in the dark. In the clinic, there’s also an armchair, desk, laptop and first-aid kit.  100 blocks,  1 figure of a vet, 1 figure of a...
4.26 €
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