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The bag contains one random figure from among the most popular Heroes of Action Town. The collection includes, among others, figurines with accessories such as: horse riding instructor with gold cup, doctor, construction worker, veterinary doctor, firefighter, farmer, skateboarder and many others....
1,43 €
0.60 €
The Street Sanitation Crew has a lot of work every day. A street sweeper will clean the Action Town streets – it has turning brushes in the front and a side arm with additional brushes that can be lowered. On its roof there is operable flap which makes it easier to place the driver inside the...
8,57 €
6.00 €
The Hovercraft is the best machine to clean the rivers of Action Town. It has a rotating, movable, and gripping arm which can easily remove logs and downed trees. On its sides there are operable trapdoors with room for a barrel. In the back there is a rotating engine propeller. This item is a great...
7,43 €
5.20 €
The Street Sanitation Crew received a second, bigger street sweeper from the city. It has two turning brushes in the front, and a waste container in the back. This item is a great addition to the extended COBI Action Town collection! COBI Blocks are 100% compatible with all the leading brands of...
8,57 €
6.00 €
Septic systems need to be cleaned regularly and this septic truck has a lot of work to do. First, the workers find the opening to a special container. Then the container is sucked clean and the waste removed. Separate cabins can be transported on a trailer to sewage plant. The vehicle has operable...
14,28 €
10.00 €
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