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The bag contains one random figure from among the most popular Heroes of Action Town. The collection includes, among others, figurines with accessories such as: horse riding instructor with gold cup, doctor, construction worker, veterinary doctor, firefighter, farmer, skateboarder and many others....
1.43 €
Advanced work is underway on the construction site. A forklift is needed, which will carry the heaviest materials. Helping the workers of Action Town with goods and items that need moving. The forklift has lifted forks in the up-down position and torsional rear wheels for better manoeuvring in...
7.40 €
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The long arm forklift can lift heavy equipment on the farm. It will also help with transporting and arranging smaller elements without much trouble. It has a long, movable arm with fork to lift heavy objects and replaceable end with grasper. The vehicle has also turning wheels and opening hood....
14.26 €
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In Action Town there are renovations and buildings being constructed everywhere. The city development requires specialized equipment and workers. At the beginning, you need to prepare the site and level the ground. To do this, the most suitable is the crawler bulldozer with big movable backhoe that...
11.40 €
On the construction site, demolition of an old house is taking place. A rotating crane with movable arm and grasper is loading the rubble on the trailer. A small tractor is taking everything outside the town. On the site there is also a small playground. This item is a great addition to the...
14.26 €
During renovation work, the sewage system needs to be worked on in the city. A special crane with a cabin on a rope is lowering the workers under the ground to the hollow channel. On the construction site, there has to be excavator with caterpillar tracks, movable backhoe, or a chest for building...
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