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The Tractor is indispensable in doing the majority of work at the farm. This massive vehicle with huge wheels and powerful engine will handle with every obstacle on the field. It has blocks that glow in the dark and turning wheels. This item is a great addition to the extended COBI Action Town...
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Out on the farm the harvest time has just begun. The front wide arm is moves up and down and the rotating reel collects the grain. The vehicle has operable flaps on the top and at the back. The rotating front wheels enable better maneuvers. There’s a ladder leading to the cabin. This item is a...
22.83 €
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It’s peak season at the Action Town Orchard.  A quad with a trailer is an ideal solution to get to it over a small river. A small ladder will be helpful in picking fruit and a crate can be used to store them. On the trailer you can put the rake and a broom. Under a covered pen there is a tap...
8.54 €
There is a big barn on the farm. It has a large sliding door. In the loft hay is stored, the animal farm on the side has a raised roof and opening doors. A ladder leads to the loft. The set includes farm animals such as a pig and cow and many everyday items: a broom, a watering can, a barrel with...
14.26 €
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