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Fire Brigade

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The City fire engine is setting out on a dangerous call. There’s a fire in the city again, the team must leave immediately to put it out. Become one of the Action Town firemen and save the city! The model of this mini fire engine has many unique features. The vehicle’s doors and hood open and close...
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There’s going to be another difficult assignment in Action Town. Not far away from the city, the forest is burning and only a helicopter can put it out. Firefighters are quickly going to this dangerous region. To put out the fire they are using a water cannon and a large water tank which can be...
22.83 €
The fire brigade is well rested and ready for action. The dispatcher just received a call about a fire that just broke out in one of the local homes. Help the Action Town firefighters extinguish the fire quickly! The two-story fire station is equipped with an exit gate, opening doors, downhill...
14.26 €
5.69 €
The Action Town Fire brigade has been equipped with a new technical vehicle. At the back of the vehicle, on the platform, there’s an articulated boom installed. This allows firefighters to put out fires at great heights or save a kitten that got stuck in a tree. The block model of the vehicle has...
8.54 €
5.69 €
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