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The EXECUTIVE EDITION version of the Citroen Traction 11CV BL, released under the license of the automotive giant from France, is a set consisting of a huge dose of history which you can build piece by piece! The original car was produced from 1937 to 1957. It was distinguished by a...
24.99 €
The Maserati MC20 is the latest model in the portfolio of the Italian manufacturer of luxury sports and racing cars based in Bologna. Maserati is part of the Stellantis company, which was established in 2021 from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles with the French company Groupe PSA. The name...
134.99 €
The Opel Manta A is a classic that went down in the history of the automotive industry for all the right reasons. It was a tailor-made response to the American Pony Cars (sports cars). The car was characterized by a body that was not only elegant, but also aerodynamic and devoid of unnecessary...
134.99 €
The legend of the European automotive industry in an exclusive block edition! The 2CV Charleston, under the original license from CITROEN, was developed in a 1:12 scale and consists of COBI 1,669 elements. EXECUTIVE EDITION, in addition to the car measuring 30.5 cm, also includes a black block...
109.99 €
The collector's EXECUTIVE EDITION Pennsylvania-class ships offers two options for building a historic Pennsylvania-class battleship! Thanks to the included additional bricks with markings and elements of ship features you can choose the construction of the USS Pennsylvania or USS Arizona! Clear...
179.99 €
Set 2801 is not subject to any promotions or discount codes ever issued or published in any way. The Biggest Set in the History of COBI is Officially Announced! Well, it happened. We can finally say the 1:12 scale German Tiger 131 based on the iconic tank in the Bovington Tank Museum is a reality....
599.90 €
The Memphis Belle is the most famous B-17 Flying Fortress used by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) during World War II. The aircraft gained popularity thanks to its successful series of 25 bombing missions over Europe. An excellent war film also tells its story. The realistic EXECUTIVE...
109.99 €
This set, which we are extremely proud of, carries a lot of exciting history and hard work in its design and inspiration. There is only one STUG III Ausf. G in Poland in perfect condition and ready to drive! This vehicle was returned to a perfect condition by a team of history promoters from the...
54.99 €
Now you can become the owner of the iconic German off-road car Kübelwagen TYP 82 in a version made of COBI construction blocks! This is our first WWII large scale 1:12 vehicle! It was designed based on a museum piece located in the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster (Germany). It's huge, VERY...
129.99 €
A block model set of the German DR BR 52 Steam locomotive/Ty2 from World War II announces a completely new "Trains" collection from COBI. The block design faithfully reproduces the body, proportions and details of the legendary steam locomotive, which is probably the most popular and most...
199.99 €
This Executive Edition set with the amazing P-47 Thunderbolt™ aircraft has been enriched with a model of a tanker trailer and a mechanic figure. This is another set in addition to the air traffic control tower (COBI-3042) that can help you build your own field airport! The block model of the P-47...
49.99 €
The Bismarck was a German World War II battleship commissioned on August 24, 1940. It was the largest Kriegsmarine ship next to its twin "Tirpitz". On September 28, 1940, Bismarck made her maiden voyage. She was sunk on May 27, 1941, during a naval battle. The special EXECUTIVE EDITION of the...
209.99 €
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