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Tanks and vehicles WW2

The Kübelwagen is an off-road car of German construction from the period of World War II. Its body was fully open and in case of bad weather, it was equipped with a folded canvas roof and covers in the place of door. Bucket seats provided additional safety for the crew. This new COBI block has two...
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Military passenger off road car of American construction from World War II. His twin variant, licensed at ford plants, was the Ford WSE. Both models were widely used by all Allied forces during the war. This car model comes from the world of COBI. The characteristic shapes of the historic vehicle...
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The Ford GP is a world war II-based passenger car produced in a small series at the Ford Motor Company, the predecessor of the standard Jeep. From the world of COBI comes a fantastic model of this vehicle. The characteristic shapes of the historic vehicle have been faithfully mapped using...
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New model 2019 The Pz. Kpfw VI Tiger II was a German heavy tank, the biggest and the heaviest tank in World War II. The name ‘King Tiger’ which was popularly used, was in fact incorrect. Königstiger means ‘Belgan Tiger’ in German. Tigers II were first used in the eastern front in 1944. The armor...
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