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Tanks and vehicles WW2

New model 2019
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The T34/85 is a Soviet medium tank created close to the end of World War II as an answer to the new types of German tanks that were being produced. The fictitious T34/85 “Rudy” tank with tactical number 102, served in the Polish 1st Armored Brigade. It became a cult favorite from the polish TV...
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From the world of COBI comes a model of the German Sturmpanzer II self-propelled gun which was used during the warfare in North Africa. This kit from COBI has been designed with the greatest attention to detail. Using high quality prints rather than stickers this model will really please those...
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The 60 cm Karl-Gerät 040 was the heaviest self-propelled mortar used during the Second World War. It was equipped with a huge 60 cm gun. The Germans managed to produce only a few copies. Karl Gerät number 6, commonly referred to as "Ziu", was used to shell Warsaw during the 1944 Uprising. This...
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The Kübelwagen is an off-road car of German construction from the period of World War II. Its body was fully open and in case of bad weather, it was equipped with a folded canvas roof and covers in the place of door. Bucket seats provided additional safety for the crew. This new COBI block has two...
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Military passenger off road car of American construction from World War II. His twin variant, licensed at ford plants, was the Ford WSE. Both models were widely used by all Allied forces during the war. This car model comes from the world of COBI. The characteristic shapes of the historic vehicle...
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The Ford GP is a world war II-based passenger car produced in a small series at the Ford Motor Company, the predecessor of the standard Jeep. From the world of COBI comes a fantastic model of this vehicle. The characteristic shapes of the historic vehicle have been faithfully mapped using...
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New model 2019 The Pz. Kpfw VI Tiger II was a German heavy tank, the biggest and the heaviest tank in World War II. The name ‘King Tiger’ which was popularly used, was in fact incorrect. Königstiger means ‘Belgan Tiger’ in German. Tigers II were first used in the eastern front in 1944. The armor...
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The SD.KFZ. 251/10 Ausf. C is a basic half-track armored command vehicle of the German army. A lot of other vehicles were built on its base. Version C came into production in 1940. It was equipped with an anti-tank cannon PaK 36. At the end of the war the vehicle was already outdated and used...
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The Matilda MK II was a British infantry tank of the Second World War; the best armored tank in the world at the start of the war. Its armament was placed in the turret. Currently, the tank can be seen in the Tank Museum in Bovington. In the set one can find a tank model with operable trapdoor, a...
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The Somua S-35 was a French medium tank for cavalry from the period of World War II. It was produced between 1936 and 1940. It was relatively nimble and better armored than its French and foreign competitors. The block model has a cannon that moves up and down, rotating turret and operable...
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The VW TYP 166 Schwimmwagen was a German amphibious vehicle from the period of World War II. In response to the demand of the army for that type of vehicle, a combination of an amphibian and light terrain vehicle was created. Eventually, the car was equipped with a waterproof body, four wheel drive...
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