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Penguins of Madagascar

5.69 €
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The Penguins’ bomber is useful in difficult air missions. Equipped with rockets, it is extremely dangerous! Especially for the enemies try to enter their secret base at the zoo. Help Skipper in patrolling the area from the air, build a bi-plane and set up on a scouting mission together! 150 blocks...
8.54 €
The Penguins’ base is their safe shelter. They have there their lairs, TV set and other accessories of everyday use but mainly, they keep there all the inventions and machines enabling an effective fight with the enemy. Discover what secrets are hidden in the base! The set has 5 precisely...
17.11 €
The Zoo is a place where a lot of things happen. Experience these adventures together with King Julien, Maurice and Rico. You will have a chance to drive a tank or a fast roadster, jump on a trampoline, sit on the throne and finally, defy the power of the magic totem. The set includes 4 precisely...
14.26 €
8.54 €
The King doesn’t have a radio? Surely not Julien because even if he doesn’t, he’ll borrow it. Preferably from the Penguins – without asking, of course! Will he manage to outwit Skipper? Help Julien in his escape! Or Skipper to catch this cunning lemur. The choice is yours. 250 blocks 2 figures –...
11.40 €
There was a malfunction in the Zoo. Fortunately, the rescue team came very quickly. The servicemen, busy with repairs, left their vehicle without supervision. It’s an ideal opportunity for Julien and company – a drive in such a vehicle is a great joy for them. What possibilities this machine has!...
14.26 €
Julien has done some mischief again – this time on the board of the plane flying to Madagascar. When his escape from the zoo seemed to become a fact, the King’s excesses led to the engines’ malfunction. Fortunately, Kowalski and his brand new invention are coming to the rescue. Help this brave...
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