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Vietnam War

The Patrol Boat, River (also known as patrol boat, riverine or PBR) was an American boat used to patrol rivers and transport soldiers. Its characteristics were very small immersion, which owed to the fiberglass hull and water jet propulsion allowing to swim on the sees. The boat reached a...
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45.68 €
This new set of three figures from COBI depicts soldiers fighting during a conflict in the Indochina Peninsula. Each figure represents a member of a different unit. A Vietcong soldier features a pad-printed uniform and is equipped with a straw-hat characteristic for this region. It is armed with...
9,99 €
9.28 €
You can build the American M41A3 Walker Bulldog light tank from a set of 625 COBI construction blocks. The model contains elements covered with high-quality pad-prints. The design perfectly reflects the original shapes of its historical prototype. Moving wheels and working tracks, opening hatches,...
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45.68 €
The Bell UH-1 Huey® is a multi-role American helicopter that entered service in 1957. It is widely known from the Vietnam War where it served as a transport, air support and medical helicopter. Many types of weapons were mounted on the helicopter including a machine gun on the transport sides, and...
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This is the very characteristic and beautifully colored version of the MIG-17 fighter from the Vietnam War. The knowledgeable will surely notice that both the paint job and the 0327 number are not accidental. A similar fighter can be seen during a tour of the floating museum on the USS Intrepid...
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45.71 €
The Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter is a light fighter aircraft that was developed in the 1960s by the Northrop Corporation. The F-5A aircraft was intended mainly to attack ground and, to a lesser extent, air targets. It was introduced into service in 1964. Its main features are maneuverability,...
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