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From the world of COBI comes a fantastic model of the PT-76 floating tank. The model is highly detailed and has printed blocks rather than stickers. Not only does this help give it fantastic detailing to the model but is more durable than stickers. The vehicle is equipped with movable wheels that...
42.83 €
Zestaw trzech figurek, które przedstawiają żołnierzy walczących podczas konfliktu na Półwyspie Indochińskim. Każda figurka przedstawia członka innej jednostki. Żołnierz Wietkongu otrzymał nadruk z typowym mundurem oraz został wyposażony w charakterystyczny dla tego regionu słomkowy kapelusz....
11.40 €
The Patrol Boat, River (also known as patrol boat, riverine or PBR) was an American boat used to patrol rivers and transport soldiers. Its characteristics were very small immersion, which owed to the fiberglass hull and water jet propulsion allowing to swim on the sees. The boat reached a...
51.40 €
American light military off-road vehicle. He was to replace the Jeep Willys. Production began in 1959. Mutt (MilitaryTactical Truck Utility). The extremely popular, cheap and good construction was appreciated in the military and among civilian users. The M151 was produced in 1985. From the world of...
14.26 €
You can build the American M41A3 Walker Bulldog light tank from a set of 625 COBI construction blocks. The model contains elements covered with high-quality pad-prints. The design perfectly reflects the original shapes of its historical prototype. Moving wheels and working tracks, opening hatches,...
51.40 €
The Limited Edition of the American Walker Bulldog tank from COBI includes three unique figures. These three figures include a muscular American soldier, a Soviet officer supporting the Viet Cong, and a Viet Cong soldier armed with an anti-tank grenade launcher. In addition, the set includes...
59.97 €
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