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German Panzer I Ausf. A light tank "Breda"


The first combat use of Pz.I Ausf.A tanks took place during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The fight against Soviet T-26B light tanks, however, showed that Panzer I tanks armed with machine guns were clearly inferior in firepower and armor thickness to T-26B tanks armed with the 45mm cannon.

It was therefore decided to increase the combat value of the Panzer I by mounting stronger armament. It was decided to place a 20mm gun on the tank by the Italian company Breda. The installation of the new armament required a change in the structure of the tank turret - the reconstruction of the yoke and the increase and widening of the upper part of the turret. Machine guns were abandoned. The number of re-armed Panzer I tanks is not exactly known, but it was probably only a few units.

I made the model on a scale of 1:25 based on a plastic model at the scale of 1:35 from Ukrainian company "MB MASTER BOX LTD" and a Polish cardboard model on a scale of 1:25 from company Answer. I painted the model with an airbrush, Humbrol 125 and 93 paints. Treads paint: Model Master No. 1780.

Before I started the model I also got acquainted with the plastic model on a scale of 1:35 from the Czech company HISTORIC PLASTIC MODELS. In both models there are differences in the location of the gun. In the Ukrainian model the cannon is placed on the right side of the yoke, and in the Czech model in the middle of the yoke.

Photos - Dariusz Jamioł

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