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We are giving away calendars for 2022!

Free gifts for orders over €200! Starting today at 1 pm, if you place an order in our shop for min. 200 euro, you will receive an office calendar for 2022. The promotion ...
The pride and legend of the Royal Navy HMS Hood in Pre-Order!
HMS "Hood" - the largest cruiser of the line that Britain possessed. She was launched on 22 August 1918, naming her after Admiral Samuel Hood (1724-1816). For pre-order only, the promotional price of...
Pre-sale De Gaulle's Horch830BL - Limited Edition - started!
The limited edition Horch830BL by De Gaulle is a set with a big dose of history that you will build with us block by block!
US Field Hospital- Limited Edition - Presale is on!
One of the most successful sets released in 2021 by COBI. The set is available for pre-order only! The set will not be available for purchase in the regular sale!
"The Great Historical Collection" - exhibition of historical dioramas and models COBI!
"The Great Historical Collection" - the world's largest exhibition of historical dioramas and models: tanks, planes, ships and other vehicles built entirely with Polish COBI building blocks
A Collector's Passion as a reason to be proud!
Orderliness, regularity made for a great collection and his huge collection is still growing. The size of the collection can be seen in the number of ships built. Over 30 ships have already been...
Alexander from Germany and his creative projects!
With the permission of the author we present the projects of models, made entirely from our COBI bricks.
Robert from the Netherlands and his designs!
Robert shared his passion with us and sent us photos of his new designed military models. Thank you for sending the photos, Robert.
The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - 2021
Join the action and support good causes! Especially for “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy” (Great Orchestra Christmas Charity – the biggest Charity in POLAND) - a unique auction! We invite you to...
Titanic 1:450 Limited Edition in pre-sale!
During it’s first, maiden voyage, on the night of April 14-15, 1912, on the Southampton-Cherbourg-Queenstown-New York route, the British transatlantic RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank. 
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