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38 cm Sturmtiger

Sturmmörser Tiger


The Sturmtiger was a German tank from WWII. It was built on the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger chassis. It was armed with a 38cm rocket mortar SturmMörser RW61 L / 5.4. Only 18 vehicles of this type were built, all of them created as a modification of the Tiger damaged in the battle.

The Sturmtiger block model has an engine hood that opens, a vertically movable cannon and movable arm for loading rockets.

• 535 blocks
• 2 figures – German tank commander and grenadier
• Accessory – binoculars
• A block replica weapon – Panzerfaust 60 mm
• Bodywork with pad printing
• Easy-to-follow instruction manual
• Compatible with other brands of construction blocks
• Model dimensions: 225mm x 125mm x 140mm (length x width x height)

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38 cm Sturmtiger

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