Commenting rules

Below are the basic principles we follow when approving product comments:

  1. Opinions come from logged in and not logged in customers, but we do not verify whether they have purchased a given product, because it (product) may come not only from our online store, but also from other online and traditional stores. All reviews are moderated. We display both positive and negative feedback;
  2. Only comments regarding the features of a given product are accepted - assessment of both advantages and disadvantages;
  3. We prefer concise, legible comments, not exceeding 500 characters;
  4. We try to write in correct Polish, so we do not accept comments with grammatical errors;
  5. You can post multiple comments, but remember that this is not an online forum;
  6. We do not accept comments indicating that their author has not come into contact with the product in any way;
  7. We do not accept comments about third party experiences (e.g.- my friend has this toy and is very happy with it);
  8. We do not accept entries evaluating only the price of a given product (e.g.- it is not worth buying at this price). The price of the product is a variable factor and in the future such a comment may mislead readers;
  9. We do not accept comments containing e-mail addresses, website addresses, messenger and telephone numbers, etc.;
  10. We do not accept entries commenting on another comment, (e.g.: ... the guy who wrote this doesn't know anything ... etc.);
  11. Of course, comments containing profanity, etc. are not accepted;
  12. Comments regarding errors in the specification or product descriptions should be sent directly to the e-mail address of the store's technical service (contact form);
  13. We follow similar rules when approving comments regarding not only products, but also those that may appear in other parts of the website, e.g.-on our blog.