COBI is a Polish manufacturer of high quality construction blocks manufactured in its own production facility  in the Special Economic Zone in Mielec (Sub-Carpathian region, Poland, European Union).

The construction blocks are manufactured from the highest quality European raw materials, have certificates and meet all the necessary standards and restrictive requirements of the European Union for products for children.

COBI is also an importer and distributor of a wide range of licensed toys, such as: interactive toys, creative sets, educational and strategy games, dolls, action figures, plastic models for gluing and folding and many others.

We cooperate with the largest and best companies in the world. Currently, we offer world hits.

Among the outstanding brands are:

Revell, Super Wings, PJ Masks, Miraculous, Vampirina, Treasure X, Little Live Pets, Blinger, Blume.


The company was founded in April 1987, starting from the production of puzzles and board games.

In 1991 in Józefów near Warsaw a tool department was established, in 1992 the production of COBI plastic construction blocks started in Warsaw.  In the same year the COBERT Company was established, producing injection moulds  and in 1993 the whole production was located in Warsaw's district “Radość”.

High demand for COBI construction blocks caused a dynamic development of production and as a result, in 1996 Plastic Factory COBI S.A. was established in the Special Economic Zone in Mielec, which started production in 1997.

In 2001, sales offices were opened in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The long-term success of the construction blocks sales resulted in new investments and expansion of Plastic Factory COBI S.A.   

Since 2011 the production capacity has been growing regularly, allowing to meet the ever growing demand for COBI building blocks.

On June 01, 2012, COBI S.A. moved to a new building - the company's headquarters at 11 Jaskrów Street in Warsaw.

Since 01.01.2015 COBI S.A. has been using a new logo.

About us

27.03.2015 the factory name was changed

in Mielec with Plastic Factory COBI S.A. on

COBI Factory S.A.

In May 2020 the construction of a new wing of the Mielec production facility  was completed.


COBI is the largest manufacturer of construction blocks in Central and Eastern Europe with sales offices in the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain and the USA.

In addition to direct activities in selected markets, our international sales network covers nearly 50 countries worldwide.

For years COBI has participated in the most important toy fairs: Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, Spielwarenmesse Nurnberg Toy Fair, London Toy Fair, New York Toy Fair and other exhibition events. We proudly present our latest products and establish new business contacts there.

Thanks to an extensive distribution network, our business partners are present with the offer of COBI construction blocks at toy fairs in every part of the world - from the United States and Russia to Western Europe and Australia.

The delivery logistics centre located in Mielec Subcarpathian region includes high bay warehouses with nearly 5000 pallet spaces.


Each stage of production of COBI construction blocks is completely carried out in our hands. Starting from the idea, design, mould production, to construction blocks  production and wholesale.

The area of the production facility is almost 23 000 square meters. COBI company provides work for 250 employees.

The location of the factory in Poland, within the European Union, and maintaining the entire production process under strict control guarantees the safety of the final product. Highly specialized engineers take care of production tools and supervise their construction in a professional tool department.

Thanks to this, we offer our customers products made in accordance with European Union standards, from high quality materials and certified by European laboratories. The sets are subjected to strict quality and safety control, while maintaining fast production and delivery times.


COBI S.A. is a well-known brand on the Polish toy market. It has many years of experience, which it uses for further investments by introducing new toy brands to the market. We maintain constant sales growth. We deliver COBI products to all distribution channels, including the most important toy chains in Poland. The sales peak falls in the third and fourth quarter.


Our priority is to create products that are safe and of the highest quality, which are entertainment for the whole family, including adult enthusiasts and collectors. COBI construction  blocks are manufactured in Poland from materials of European origin. Strict quality standards apply at the entire production stage. The quality is certified by European laboratories (TUV Rheinland Group). All products meet the EN71 standard. Each set contains illustrated model folding instructions.


Already in 2008 the high quality of our construction blocks was appreciated by McLaren Racing Limited from Great Britain. The first licence collection of construction blocks  under the "Vodafone McLaren" brand appeared on the market.

The success of this line has initiated extensive cooperation with other licensors.

Soon we introduced new collections to the market:

- JEEP , Chrysler Group LLC license, 2009..,

- Renault F1 Team, collection of cars, Renault licence, 2010..,

- BOEING, passenger aircraft collection, Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Boeing-767 models, license of The Boeing Company, 2010.

In 2011, the collection was based on the popular British series "Doctor Who". (Character Option Ltd. UK licence). Next collections are "Ben10" and the very famous "Winx Club". Also "Penguins from Madagascar" collection created on the basis of a very popular TV series and feature films has been released.

In 2016 a new collection of construction blocks was launched, this time from the world of computer game WORLD OF TANKS (Wargaming license). The success of the sale was also repeated by ships from WORLD OF WARSHIPS.

In agreement with General Dynamics Land Systems Inc., the M1A2 Abrams tank and the LAV III Apc and Stryker M1126 ICV were introduced into the global market.

A series of notebooks "Legendary Cars of the People's Republic of Poland" and the Youngtimer Collection were also available on the market.  Licensed classic models of 1:35 scale brick cars such as : Fiat, Siren, Warsaw, Wartburg and Trabant.

In 2018, in connection with the upcoming World Cup and thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Football Association, a collection of twenty notebooks from the "Master Bus" series appeared, as well as box sets "We are connected by football" inspired by players of the Polish team.

Thanks to the licence agreement with MASERATI, a collection of 1:35 scale car models was designed, presenting the best models of Italian motorization.

In 2019, the "Super Wings" series debuted under the license of the popular animated series for children under the same title.

Cooperation with SKODA AUTO has resulted in a series of licensed models of bricks cars.

In 2020, cooperation with Dessault Aviation allowed to produce licensed models of modern fighter aircraft Mirage 2000-5 and Rafale C.

Thanks to the agreement with Paramount Pictures and Boeing, a series of F/A-18E Super Hornet aircraft models was designed based on the Top Gun Maverick™ movie hit license.


We teach through fun!

In previous years, our offer included the "Pirates" and "Romans and Barbarians" collections. In 2010 the Grunwald collection was created for the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. At the same time a collection about knights of Europe was published - "Knights of Europe". We also introduced another historical set from a limited edition - "RMS Titanic", in connection with the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of this impressive liner.

COBI World War II Historical Collection

Construction blocks not only for children!

This is the largest series of models prepared by the COBI company. The collection contains several dozen different: tanks, planes, cannons, cars and other vehicles developed with attention to the smallest details and faithfully reproducing the machines used in the greatest military conflict in human history. The robustness of the construction, high quality of the blocks and numerous movable elements, as well as the precision of manufacture and historical fidelity of this collection have won recognition not only among children, but also among a huge number of adult collectors and history enthusiasts. Special cards with statistics of tanks and vehicles allow to use the COBI models also in strategic battle games, leading miniature battles on the table, floor or in the garden.

COBI Great War Historical Collection

A new face of the front!

The next COBI collection presents the first tanks and planes that appeared on European fronts in the early 20th century. Armoured vehicle pioneers: The Mark I tank and Renault FT-17 or the first airliners with the famous Red Baron piloted by Manfred von Richthoven open this historic series from the COBI. The COBI's First World War is an exciting expedition to the beginnings of modern military techniques.


A city full of action!

Action Town is a collection of blocks inspired by the modern metropolis with particular emphasis on the services working in it, such as: fire brigade, police, construction teams, coastal protection or city cleaning. Each set includes models with a large number of movable elements and accessories. The collection consists of sets from 40 to several hundred bricks. The diversity of the collection will certainly be of interest to both boys and girls.


Vehicles and devices that have changed the world!

A collection of famous historical ships, planes, vehicles and devices that have had a huge impact on human history. The series includes, among others: the USS Constitution sailing ship, the first and most famous warship of the American Navy, the Spirit of St. Peter's plane. Louis, which was the first to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, or the Apollo Lunar Module with its first manned mission on the silver globe.


Get your imagination out of the COBI!

A series of sets of construction blocks inspiring to create sets according to children and adults' imagination. 


Build remote-controlled vehicles with blocks!

Tanks, thanks to advanced electronics, have independent track movement, three speed levels and drive in any direction. They can rotate 360 degrees left and right. Additionally, they have a two-stage adjustment of the front lights. Challenger tanks have a rotating turret.

That's not all... like every tank, our T-72 and “Challenger I” in the desert and” Challenger II “in the jungle camouflage, are able to pass through many obstacles! The vehicles are battery-powered. Selected models can be controlled using Bluetooth technology, with a special application for mobile devices.

COBI-We are connected by football

Poland on its way to the Mundial!

Officially licensed sets of construction blocks  showing the biggest stars of Polish football. Thanks to the use of special mechanisms, the series also becomes an arcade game and allows for training and miniature matches.


Create your own collection of vintage cars.

Unforgettable Trabants, Wartburg, Lady, Sirens, Warsaw, Polonaises or large and small FIATs are real pearls of Eastern European motorization of the 60s, 70s and 80s. The Youngtimer Collection series is a great toy for the youngest thanks to its construction of building blocks and rotating wheels with rubber tyres. The faithfully preserved scale of 1:35 and the detail of the details also delight adult enthusiasts and collectors.


Collect a collection of luxury sports cars.

The famous Italian brand of luxury sports cars, detailed with COBI construction blocks. Models of cars on a scale of 1:35 will be a great joy for both the youngest and adult automotive enthusiasts. The sets are designed for fun, as well as an exclusive exhibition. Miniature cars have high quality, durable prints.


A collection of automotive enthusiasts.

Popular SKODA cars have been reproduced in every detail from COBI construction blocks. The popular 1:35 modeling scale, the preservation of the smallest details and movable wheels with rubber tires allow for great fun, but also make the vehicles from the blocks will be a decoration of each collection.


Build a modern armed force.

The unique Armed Forces collection includes detailed models of tanks, planes, helicopters and other vehicles used by modern armed forces around the world. Licensed French Mirage 2000-5 or Rafale-C fighters, AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook helicopters, and finally the F-15 Eagle 1:48 scale American heavy fighter are just some of the elements of this amazing series.

COBI TOP GUN Maverick™

A collection of F/A-18E Super Hornet and P-51D Mustang fighter planes found in the Top Gun Maverick™ cinema megahit. Boeing Company and Paramount Pictures license


Our goal is to produce the highest quality construction sets that will stimulate the passion for building, discovering and collecting both in the youngest and quite adult history, technology, automotive and military enthusiasts.

We invite you to contact us and to cooperate. We offer professional service based on the highest standards of business ethics.