Hawker Hurricane Mk.1

Hawker Hurricane Mk.1

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Catalog number: COBI-5866
  • Length 20,5 cm / 8″
  • Height 9 cm / 3.5″
  • Wingspan 25,5 cm / 10″
  • Number of blocks 138
  • Age group 6+

One of the most popular British fighters from World War II. It performed very well in action, facing German Messerschmitts. The armament consisted of eight 7.7mm Browning machine guns. The model prepared by COBI has colors referring to operations in North Africa and the Mediterranean basin in 1940. You can build the plane designed in a scale of 1:48 from 138 elements with prints with markings. The plane is 20cm long and has a 25.5cm wingspan when assembled and is perfect for display in an aviation fan's collection as well as for playtime. Thanks to its compact size, it will easily fit on your shelf! Build history, piece by piece.

Our block model complements the collection of fighters released in 1:48 scale. It will work great as escort for the huge bombers we issue. It is also an ideal model for a start to your adventure with COBI construction blocks. The plane has rotating wheels and prints, as well.

  • 138 high-quality elements
  • Produced in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition
  • The blocks meet the safety standards of products for children
  • Fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks
  • Blocks with prints do not scratch or smear and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature
  • Clear and intuitive instructions based on illustrations and step-by-step directions
  • 1:48 scale plane

Model dimensions (L x W x H): 20.5 cm (8”) x 25.5 cm (10”) x 9 cm (3.5”)

  • Cat.:
  • Brand:
    Cobi Factory SA
  • Length:
    20,5 cm / 8″
  • Height:
    9 cm / 3.5″
  • Wingspan:
    25,5 cm / 10″
  • Scale:
  • Number of blocks:
  • Age group:
  • EAN:
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